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This blog post contains testimonials from customers who have commissioned costumes or props from CauldronOfMischief:

“I have been a habitue of Cauldronofmischief's for over two years, over the course of which she has produced several arresting costumes which are always the subject of compliments and praise. Cauldronofmischief is a regular jack of all trades and is my go to girl for everything from costumes and props, to wigs and shoes. She manages to approach any project, no matter how elaborate or complex, in a prompt, professional and explicit manner and always goes above and beyond to deliver an end product that is as accurate as it is impressive.

What's more is Cauldronofmischief is extremely amiable and a pleasure to communicate with as she keeps you informed every step of the way, from the process of selecting fabric, to updating you with progress pictures, making you feel truly involved in the process of bringing the project into fruition. She will take any additional characteristics that you have in mind into consideration and works wonders as far as incorporating it into projects are concerned.

My experiences with Cauldronofmischief are always extremely worthwhile and I am always surprised and excited by the end result! I am quick to recommend her to friends and potential customers.” – Jamie Rosevear


“Since I have started going to conventions with my cosplays in 2013, I found myself being unable to make or buy some of the costumes and props due to the fact that my time is limited, I lack some of the skills needed to make something and the fact that I am unable to find the items I need in shops.

The best option available to me is to commission someone to make the costume and props which I need; that’s when I started to hire Cauldron of Mischief to do the job. Over the last year she has been a great help to me and her work is beyond incredible. I look at pictures of the character and the final product she has made for me; by comparing them I can confidently say that without question they are identical and that the money I have given her was well spent.

Whenever anyone asks me any questions about cosplay, I would always refer them to Cauldron of Mischief as she has both talent and knowledge about this environment which is evidenced by the work which she has done for me in the past. I can confidently say that I will be a customer of her for years to come as she is a one of a kind commissioner”. – Lok Hang

“I have known Sebby (Laura) for a few years and now really love her work. She puts so much into what she does and is not afraid to try different stuff, be it the materials or the methods not limited to cosplays but props as well which can be rare for someone who wants to do commissions. When I first found out she was selling past cosplays I had a look and went for a few things over the last year or so and then I thought, yeah commission this as I don’t have the skill or time for that one yet. We went into my commission in a good bit of detail (not that it was something from Trinity Blood detail) and she messaged me about stuff we could add for that bit extra. That extra mile I think did help and when you get it you can take pride in it and she is willing to do extra to it if you’re not 100% on it and that shows a loving crafter and cosplay to me. I cannot overstate how epic she is of her work. I personally think it is just that good.” – Ichigo764









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